DNA Paintball

We dont follow, we lead!


We have over 10 years of experience in running the biggest paintball field in Cyprus. Now we are back home, delivering innovative and game changing ideas to the South African paintball scene.


Paintball is our passion. Whether it is Milsim, scenario or straight up tournament paintball we have experience in all variations of our favorite sport. Our paintball packages are extremely competitive and start from only R100


European standards

We keep our standards high and our priority is satisfaction of our customers. We want YOU to have amazing time shooting the s**t out of your friends!


Lasertag is extremely popular activity specially for pre-teenaged kids as it is 100% safe and does not require ANY additional protection or other gear. It is also very affordable activity and is perfect for birthday parties. We offer very reasonable starter package of only R170

MilSim & Scenarios

MilSim and Scenario games are in our blood. We promise to deliver you unique and interesting scenarios even when playing “normal” games.

Honest prices

We play fair, straight up prices, no BS or extra costs. You get what you pay for.


With vast experience in MilSim and scenario games we can spice up your Airsoft day out with some unique and fun ideas. We also rent Airsoft equipment so you can get your friends to tag along. Our full rental airsoft package is only R150

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DNA Paintball is a paintball center operating close to Krugersdorp in South Africa. The managing staff of the center has over a decade of experience in running the biggest paintball-park in Cyprus, catering for tourists, locals as well as military troops. We also have a vast experience from many of European paintball events, whether Milsim, Scenario or tournament.
The strength of DNA has always been in innovation, we are constantly re-inventing the name of the game and pushing for better and more interesting ways of playing. We were the only center in Cyprus and one of the very few fields in Europe to use paintball-tanks!

We are operating at Hobby Park in Krugersdrop: www.hobbypark.co.za, check them out they offer a whole bunch of fun  outdoor activities.

We dont follow, we lead!


Just to say….. AMAZING… turn out was fantastic for DNA’S first event in SA. There was an amazing turn out aprox 80 players… Event was for good guys to keep and protect the satellite, but were unfortunately overun by the bad guys and lost it…. good guys did put up a great fire fight but unfortunately not enough to get the satellite back. I take my hat off… the guys and girls that came to play paintball that day… were great and all with honor. congrats to those who took prizes from SAFCAPS and  BLADES and TRIGGERS…and especially the gentle man  who took the BT DELTA home sponsored by DNA PAINTBALL   GUYS THANK YOU AND LOOK FORWARD TO NEXT EVENT SOON…... read more


Intel has confirmed a fallen satelite somewhere in location of    member of Rogue squad(sniper and recon has been dispatched to locate and protect untill Rogue QRF secures package and exfils to evac LZ BE ADVISED…!!!! We are not the only govenrment looking for package. Reports came in a massive movment of troops in area… Multiple  teams, 1 objective, less paint more game…. lets do this…   Tired of spraying and praying you hit your target… then join us for new milsim games…where every shot counts…  ... read more

Milsim has arrived to Dna paintball

        Milsim has arrived to DNA Paintball with the help of rogue tactical. Main objective for milsim events is to get own gear players together and challenge each other not just by shooting each other, but by outsmarting each other with tactics. This is not just a shoot’em up game, here we have rolls to play and multiple objectives in 1, TEAM LEADER, SNIPER, RECON, ARTILLARY, DEMO, MEDIC and ENGINEER. Each roll has a specific task to complete aswell and work together with other rolls to complete primary objective. what makes it so diffrent… you have limited paint, so you need to count your shots, be aware of your surroundings and get the job done.   MORE GAME LESS PAINT…. see you on the battle... read more

WW2MAR – What and Why

I have received several queries recently about people interested in, or curious about, WW2MAR and what it stands for. What do you do, why do you dress up like that, isn’t the kit very heavy – and then my favourite: are you a Nazi? The aim of this article is to create some clarity about WW2MAR. I will start with the name, which breaks down as follows: – WW2 = World War 2, the period of global conflict that ran from 1939 to 1945 – M = Milsim, or military simulation – A = Airsoft (somewhat self-explanatory) – R = Re-enactment What MAR – Milsim Airsoft Re-enactment – is about, in a nutshell, is to take the sport of airsoft and combine it with the hobby of re-enactment, in order to create a game where both the VISUAL and the OPERATIONAL aspects are as close as possible to the period being recreated. At a WW2MAR game, you will see a player dressed as a British Commando or a German Heer soldier – and not only will they LOOK the part 100% (barring the safety goggles), they will also ACT the part. Looking at each component of the group’s name, we start with the M – Milsim. Now, milsim in airsoft terms, is a tricky subject. Some people believe that milsim is when you host a game at a military base, or when you do not use coloured armbands to split teams, or when you force players to use death rags. In actuality, the definition of milsim – as applied in the MAR groups – is more along the following... read more


Paintball At long last our equipment from Cyprus has finally arrived, this includes all paintball gear, outdoor laser tag, paintball mini tanks and airsoft. Our paintball equipment and gear is all set up and ready to go. We are now officially up and running, with a successful month in February, we are now also ready to host games outside our own facilities. We can host up to 120 players at once with sufficient compressed air and co2, colour coded proto masks for team recognition. We are also the only field that provide gloves for players (we all hate those finger shots) as well as full camo coveralls and snoots. Our packages are catered for all needs, especially our 400 paintball package, we are also the only field that gives you all your ammo so you carry it with you while you play (in case a reload is necessary) We are always on the lookout for new ideas to improve your game play, just recently we finished building a new field, we like to call it the FARM, a cool action packed field for those quick warm up games and can also be implemented for events and scenario games for corporate functions and events.  JUST because we finished 1 field doesn’t mean that it stops there, we are always improving and changing to fit your needs (everyone hates to play the same field in CALL OF DUTY, so why is this different) To date we have had many successful birthday parties and bachelor events.  HOW, you ask? You tell us what you want and we make it happen, not the... read more
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