At long last our equipment from Cyprus has finally arrived, this includes all paintball gear, outdoor laser tag, paintball mini tanks and airsoft.

Our paintball equipment and gear is all set up and ready to go. We are now officially up and running, with a successful month in February, we are now also ready to host games outside our own facilities.

We can host up to 120 players at once with sufficient compressed air and co2, colour coded proto masks for team recognition. We are also the only field that provide gloves for players (we all hate those finger shots) as well as full camo coveralls and snoots.

Our packages are catered for all needs, especially our 400 paintball package, we are also the only field that gives you all your ammo so you carry it with you while you play (in case a reload is necessary)

We are always on the lookout for new ideas to improve your game play, just recently we finished building a new field, we like to call it the FARM, a cool action packed field for those quick warm up games and can also be implemented for events and scenario games for corporate functions and events.  JUST because we finished 1 field doesn’t mean that it stops there, we are always improving and changing to fit your needs (everyone hates to play the same field in CALL OF DUTY, so why is this different)

To date we have had many successful birthday parties and bachelor events.  HOW, you ask?

You tell us what you want and we make it happen, not the other way round.


We just got into the airsoft market and things are looking good. We are also the only field that rents out full tactical equipment and accessories to meet your needs, this includes tactical vest, rifle, pistol with holster, knee pads and full face mask and also includes sniper rifles. We also recently had a successful bachelor airsoft event that worked beautifully.

The Sunday 05/04/15, we had a field test on our new field, but this was pistols only with 1 full mag per game, it went a lot better that expected. It was a challenge and because of that success we will be hosting a pistol challenge. All our equipment are reliable ASG’S, that includes our m4’s, Glock 17’s and sniper rifles.

What are in the plans for airsoft and paintball like wise are 24-48 hr events, to give the weekend warriors a taste of what battle REALY is.

Outdoor Laser tag

We are the first professional outdoor laser tag site in Krugersdorp, Gauteng .  Laser tag is an excellent idea for the younger generation to also have some fun. Also for birthday parties and any other happy event you want. Our equipment works with infra-red (same as a remote control for TV) and does NOT work with laser (so you won’t be getting a headache after being shot in the face all day) give it a try all ages welcome and this includes PARENTS.

Paintball Minitanks

Im proud to say that we are the FIRST AND ONLY  paintball and entertainment facility with tanks

YES  TANKS, well basically mini-tanks and yes you do get to drive them and yes they do shoot, very soon they will be ready for gaming.

Stay tuned

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