Paintball Fields

Paintball fields at DNA are a unique feature of years of experience! We want to offer you unforgettable paintball day, full of action and great memories. Our paintball fields are specially designed to offer you exactly that!

Scenarios available at DNA Paintball

VIP rescue: VIP rescue is one of the most intersting scenarios available at DNA Paintball. Group is divided in two, the objective of one of the teams is to protect the VIP (can be a player or DNA staff), the objective of the other team is to rescue the VIP (aka eliminating the opposing team and/or getting VIP to safepoint)

VIP elimination: VIP elimination is pretty straightforward scenario where one of the teams protects the VIP for a limited amount of time. The objective of the other team is to eliminate the VIP.

Capture the flag: Capture the Flag or CTF is one of the most common and played scenariois in paintball. The objective of BOTH teams is to capture the flag of the opposing team and to bring the flag to their own base.

Elimination: (Team deathmatch aka TDM) : Elimination game is the basic paintball game. Objective of both teams is simply to eliminate all members of the opposing team.

In addition to these scenarios we can create others, just tell us what you prefer and we are sure we can make it happen!

All paintball and & lasertag games can be played on any of our 3 fields

Open field

Great open field with lots of space and hiding places enjoyed by all kinds of players from the tactician to basic 1on1 game with long distances to cover so don’t expose yourself

Open field

Bush and bunker field

This is a great field with all kinds of scenarios being played out;

  • capture the flag
  • president
  • last man standing
  • or whatever your imagination allows.

Accomodating from 2 to 40 people and  can be viewed from all angles by spectators from the safety of the net. Braai facilities available next to the field which makes it  great for;

  • birthdays parties
  • bachelor parties
  • team building
  • leagh challenges
Bush and bunker

Ravine field

The ravine paint-ball field is a very thicky bush field. Playing a game of pain-ball in this field makes it very difficult to judge distances and even more difficult to spot your opponents. The ground cover,  of twigs, dead branches and leaves, makes it nearly impossible to stalk your opponent without making a noise. You will have to use all your senses to track and mark your opponents, in most cases you will hear them before you see them.

The ravine is the best way to move up and down the field, but if you are seen make sure you have cover and a easy escape route.  The abandoned village on the western point of the field is a great base camp and is enjoyed by all kinds of players but is best suited for the airsoft players and scenario players.

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