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We have over 10 years of experience in running paintball fields in Europe. Paintball is not just what we do, it is who we are, it is our passion. Read more about DNA Paintball >>


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We keep our standards high and our priority is satisfaction of our customers. We want you to have an amazing time with your friends!

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MilSim and Scenario games are in our blood. We promise to deliver you unique and interesting scenarios even when playing “normal” games.

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Paintball is our passion. Whether it is Milsim, scenario or straight up tournament paintball we have experience in all variations of our favorite sport. Check our paintball prices here >>.


Lasertag is extremely popular activity specially for pre-teenage kids as it is 100% safe and does not require ANY additional protection or other gear. It is also very affordable activity and is perfect for birthday parties. Check our lasertag prices here >>

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We excel at teambuilding activities as well as birthday parties and other events. For corporate and teambuilding pricings please contact us and we will get in touch as soon as possible.


With vast experience in MilSim and scenario games we can spice up your Airsoft day out with some unique and fun ideas. We also rent Airsoft equipment so you can get your friends to tag along. Check out our airsoft prices here >>

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Paintball in KrugersdorpDNA Paintball Krugersdorp

DNA Paintball is located in Krugersdorp in South Africa. The managing staff of the center has over a decade of experience in running the biggest paintball center in Cyprus, catering for tourists, locals as well as military troops. We also have a vast experience from many of European paintball events, whether Milsim, Scenario or tournament.

The strength of DNA has always been in innovation. We are constantly re-inventing the name of the game and pushing for better and more interesting ways of playing. We were the only center in Cyprus and one of the very few fields in Europe to use paintball-tanks or to host proper Military Simulation events and games.

Our facilities are located at Hobby Park in Krugersdrop ( check them out, they offer a whole bunch of fun outdoor activities such as mountain biking and hiking amongst others.

We dont follow, we lead!


There was an amazing turn out of aprox 80 players! The objective was for good guys to keep and protect the satellite, unfortunately good guys got overrun by bad guys and lost it. Good guys did put up a great firefight but unfortunately not enough to get the satellite back.

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Operation – SPUTNIK – 7 June 2015

Tired of spraying and praying you hit your target… then join us for new milsim games…where every shot counts…
DNA Paintballs first event in South Africa will give the players just a small taste of what DNA Paintball is all about.

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Milsim has arrived to Dna paintball

The main objective for milsim events is to get own gear players together and challenge each other not just by shooting each other, but by outsmarting each other with tactics.

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WW2MAR – What and Why

I have received several queries recently about people interested in, or curious about, WW2MAR and what it stands for. What do you do, why do you dress up like that, isn’t the kit very heavy – and then my favourite: are you a Nazi?

The aim of this article is to create some clarity about WW2MAR. I will start with the name, which breaks down as follows:

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At long last our equipment from Cyprus has finally arrived, this includes all paintball gear, outdoor laser tag, paintball mini tanks and airsoft.

Our paintball equipment and gear is all set up and ready to go. We are now officially up and running, with a successful month in February, we are now also ready to host games outside our own facilities.

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