Outdoor Lasertag

Play Lasertag at DNA Paintball & Hobby park

We at DNA have introduced a new form of entertainment for our younger generation who are a little too young for paintball. OUT-DOOR LASER tagging brings computer games to life, this is an opportunity for the kids to get away from TV and computer screens and play their games for real.

DNA Paintball also offers LaserTag. LaserTag is a game that suits girls and boys of all ages. Bring your whole family if you think they are up for it! 🙂

LaserTag is safe and fun game where players mark eachother (or shoot if you want to put it that way) by using IR equipement (or guns). It is completely hazard free game which suits kids of all ages and grownups also!

LaserTag equipement consists of pretty much one thing, the marker and the headband that includes sensors, that is all you need to play, due to the game being safe and hazard free even for the eyes you do not need any additional equipement.


First of all, the kids will get a full video safety briefing of what they are and are not allowed to do during playing the game.

Each child will then be issued a hat with the sensor attached and a tagger.

Then a specific scenario (game) will be explained to them on what they have to do in that specific game.

The referee is able to control the game on how long it should be and what the kids are allowed to do.


  • Perfect for kids parties
  • Ages 4 and up can have fun
  • Multiple scenarios for full enjoyment


  • Average party is 12-14 people
  • Anywhere, Any time…
  • Average party length is 2 hours
  • Ever dreamed of playing cowboys and Indians in your office? NOW IS YOUR CHANCE!!

Then 3..2..1.. game on..

It’s is as simple as that, there is no need for computer networking or laptops or any external device to let the kids start playing and enjoying themselves.


An opportunity for the children to get out,

Motivation, team work and confidence building.

We also provide birthday party packages and have done many birthday parties here at DNA.

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